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About MissUmari. She knows the importance of quality products.

Tell her Miss Umari does not contain the “toxic trio”. She will say her salon is a breath of fresh air.

Tell her that every bottle is “5-free”. She will say her manicure is a harmless luxury.

Tell her we deliver. She will say she has more time for appointments

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Our Product Range

fiber glass

Fiberglass mesh is among the finest and healthiest products used for nail enhancement. The mesh gives your nails a strong natural looking extension. No glue required it helps repair broken nails.


Our Poly Gel is a 9 –free formula that combines the great qualities of acrylic and gel to give   the perfect working consistency with minimum product waste. It sculpts like an acrylic and cures like gel. No monomer required to activate the polymer means a light and pleasant scent.

Color gel polish

Our Gel polish is a 5 –free formula that boasts a range of over 50 solid and well flowing colours.  A natural color gel with strong adhesive force to give you confidence and long lasting nails. It is a 3-step gel that is non-shrinking and non-wrinkling.




Help Desk

You Asked, We Answered

Where can I find your price list?

We are an online store, all our products and their pricing can be found on our website.

What is your address?

Our distribution center is located at 381 Waterbok Street, Theresapark. This is where all orders are shipped and delivered from. All products can be purchased online.


Do you do cash on delivery?

We have an online secure payment facility, and we do accept cash on delivery as an alternative payment method.

Is there a discount for salons?

We offer competitive prices and only offer wholesale pricing for orders over R10 000.00

Are all the products in stock?

All products listed in stock are ready for delivery from the point of purchase, products listed as pre-order will generally have an estimated delivery date attached.

Do you offer training?

Yes we do. This conducted by our Ambassadors at various locations in Pretoria.

Do you offer free shipping and delivery?

Yes, we do! If your order value is R 700 or more shipping is free via our courier.
Around Pretoria delivery is an additional charge of R20-00.

I bought an electrical product a while ago isn’t working anymore or has broken. Soak-off Gel polishes and other products do not fall into this warranty period.

We have a general 4 months warranty for electrical items, such as LED and UV lamps, electrical files and nail dryers. You can log a return at info@missmari.co.za if you are still within the 4 months warranty period.

Soak-off Gel polishes and other products do not fall into this warranty period.

There are clumps in my soak off gel polish bottle.

If you notice this issue upon the very first opening of your bottle please log a return (only applicable within 5 days of receipt of the product!!!)

My brush went hard, gel soak of polish does not cure properly.

All nail products are heat and light sensitive and it is recommended that you store all gel products in a cool, dark and enclosed area.
Gel polish contains receptors that will cure when exposed UV/LED radiation. Follow the application instruction sheet for best results and maintain your UV/LED lamps, regularly change bulbs (3-6 months).




"I’m sold by the quality of Miss Umari. I even stopped using the famous lacquer brand that I used before.
The product is not too thick or thin, it does not chip. Good quality."

Quagga Centre –PTA west


I always found Matte coats which the matte effect will only last for a day or two. I saw the Matte from Dineo’s nails and had to buy it. My clients are happy and I’m happy. The colours are perfect and have stocked all of them.

Instyle salon –PTA North


Wow, wow!!!!! I didn’t know a lot about nail products and chemicals in them. The product is good quality and lasts. I love that it is good for me because some products are really bad in smell.


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